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AICP Southwest 2009 sponsor reel 본문

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AICP Southwest 2009 sponsor reel

아리스노바 2010. 9. 23. 20:10

AICP Southwest Sponsor Reel by Corgan Media Lab from Corgan Media Lab on Vimeo.

AICP Southwest 2009 sponsor reel
The sponsor reel for the 2009 AICP southwest event. My team and i shot the plates in south Texas, and created the post effects.

I was responsible for the majority of the logo placement and white motion graphic touches. 

This piece was only possible in a very short time frame because of the combined efforts of many talented people.  

Concept : Jackson Armstrong, Randall Smith, Tony Garza

Character Animation : Ken Huang

Comp : Tony Garza, Randall Smith, John Higgs, Jay Axe, Paul Campbell

3D Text : Terry Millspaw, John Higgs, Randall Smith, PAul Campbell

Motion Graphics : Jackson Armstrong, Tony Garza
Filming done with the following team : Jackson Armstrong, Tony Garza, Jay Axe, John Higgs, Randall Smith, Shana Valdez, Terry Millspaw, Paul Campbell 
custom Music by ListeningChair in Dallas 

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