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Organs - ‘Heart’, ‘Brains’, ‘Guts’ 본문

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Organs - ‘Heart’, ‘Brains’, ‘Guts’

아리스노바 2009. 11. 8. 03:11

‘Good creative work is made through having brains, guts and heart’.
3 striking visuals on the theme of creativity for the advertising agency Publicis Conseil, Paris.
The visuals, created for posters and postcards, work as a tryptich to decorate three large panels on the walls of the agency.
Art-director/Illustrator: Nicolas Ermakoff.
Additional drawing: Gilles Bosquet. Design You Trust sponsors: Photoshop Lady - Best Photoshop Tutorials For You!! Advertise with Design You Trust! - DYT on Twitter - Facebook

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